Andy Shore



Andy Shore

       You don’t want to end your life to the sound of idiots cheering as your head hits the muck, do you?

                    Let’s see if we can do b e t t e r.

Which would you choose: Heaven or Hell?


Artist on tumblr - Andrew B Myers  b.1987, is a young Canadian photographer based in Toronto. He has a very distinct photographic style. His work is aesthetic, using carefully placed objects on simple color backgrounds which creates a large area of negative space. Due to the use of negative space the images gain an awkward flatness. His photographs are well composed, graphic and stylish. The sunlit shadows, washed out colors as well as the objects used refer back to the 1970’s and 1980’s with a modern twist. Andrew’s photographs contain elements of nostalgia and pop culture. via


selected by  Tu recepcja


at your next eye exam tell your doctor “all i see is signs all i see is dollar signs”

get to know me meme – (1/5) favorite video games

Tomb Raider (2013)


Ghost rolled in some sidewalk chalk.




Notum is latin for ”known”, and is a tour operator as well as a consultancy company within the travel business in Norway. They focus on having a local insight and knowledge to all the small paths and unique sights in the vast nature in Norway – they want to deliver an extraordinary view worthy of a “postcard moment”. The identity builds on this, taking inspiration from a postcard stamp as logo together with photographs of Norwegian nature. The logo mark itself is a tree branching out to smaller paths and destinations.

Branding by Daniel Brokstad


seven days without a pun makes one weak